HEGEL x MCN 让时尚进入衣橱

MCN公司简介 / Business composition

Founded in 2015, Micronuclear International Design Agency was formed by a group of passionate, creative and like- minded designers specializing in urban micro-renewal, small and medium-sized architectural design, interior design of sales offices and model rooms, and landscape design corresponding to the building interior... The team has accumulated years of experience in design and established professional attitudes and working culture. The team’s designing skills and service standards have been highly recognized by the industry and the owners. So far, we has established a good relationship of cooperation with a number of well- known real estate enterprises such as Powerlong, Vanke,  Sincere,Sino- Ocean,  China resources and so on. 

After working together for a long period of time, the group of designers have built a very cohesive and creative design team with sound professional knowledge and excellent sense of service, which can view and analyze issues from different angles, and grasp the market trend. Bearing in mind that quality is the life of their works while talents are their most important assets, the team strives to perfect every project by creating and presenting high- quality works. 

HEGEL x MCN 合作设计时尚衣橱系列